Admission Requirements

Before submitting an application, you must meet all of the admission requirements, namely, a secondary school diploma, a minimum average, meeting language requirements and having taken all the prerequisite courses for the program.

Students applying to a direct-entry faculty

At the University of Ottawa, students receive a bachelor's degree in a program of undergraduate studies from one of the following direct-entry faculties:

Faculty of Arts Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Health Sciences Telfer School of Management
Faculty of Social Sciences Faculty of Science


You must have at least a secondary school diploma.

Required average

Admission is not guaranteed. The minimum average you require depends on the limited number of spots available in a given program. Applicants who do not have the minimum average required for some of our most competitive programs may be considered for a program in a related field of study.

Secondary school applicants: The admission average you require to be eligible for a program or scholarship is calculated based on your interim or final Grade 12 results, including courses that are prerequisites for your program.

University or college transfers: The admission average you require is calculated based on final results from courses taken in your postsecondary institution.


All the courses you’ve taken to meet the prerequisites for a program must be equivalent to Grade 12 courses. To see these prerequisites, select the province or territory where you’ve studied.


Language requirements

Courses at the University of Ottawa are given in English, French or both languages. Therefore, you must master one of the two official languages to be admitted.  The University of Ottawa reserves the right to request the result of a language test at any time, if necessary.

English-language programs

If you're applying for an English-language program and you have not studied at least three years full time in an institution where English is the only language of instruction located in a country where English is an official language, you must provide your official score in one of the language tests recognized by the University.

French-language programs

If you are applying for a French-language program and French is not your mother tongue, you must submit your official score in one of the language tests recognized by the University.

Students applying to a professional faculty

If you’re applying to a professional program, contact the faculty responsible for it:

Civil Law Common Law
Education Medicine