Understanding your undergraduate program

Having a good understanding of the degree structure and possibilities available in your program is an important element of undergraduate university studies. It will help you make any decisions about changing programs or adding or changing a minor as well as let you know whether you’ve met the program requirements for graduating, how to tailor your program along the way and, of course, which choices will best suit your interests and meet your academic goals.

Undergraduate programs

At the undergraduate level, we offer bachelor’s degrees through our direct-entry faculties, programs through our professional faculties, and certificates. Some programs have a very flexible structure that allows you to tailor aspects of your degree or certificate program while others allow for little or no changes. To learn about the possibilities available to you, read through the information provided on the type of program you’re in.

Direct-entry faculties
Faculties that accept students directly from high school; include the faculties of Arts, Engineering, Science, Health Sciences and Social Sciences as well as the Telfer School of Management.

Professional faculties
Faculties of Education, Law and Medicine typically require prior university studies in order to be admitted.

Programs offered by the faculties of Arts, Law (Civil Law Section), Education and by the Telfer School of Management that require the completion of a small number of optional and compulsory courses only (no elective courses are required).

More information about programs

If you’d like to talk to someone about your program in order to better understand what the structure allows you to do, we encourage you to speak to a faculty representative or make an appointment to see an academic advisor or assistant. We’re here to help you better understand how your program works and come to decisions on your academic career.