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At the University of Ottawa, we recognize that you are an essential part of your students’ journey to postsecondary education. We hope the information you find here is clear and helpful, and that it will help you support your students.

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New programs:

  • Anthropology (honours with specialization)
  • BCom and Juris Doctor (in French)
  • Digital journalism
  • Environmental economics and public policy
  • Greek and Roman studies
  • Music studiesWorld cinemas

CO-OP is now mandatory in software engineering.

Programs closed for admission in September 2015

  • Aboriginal teacher education
  • Canadian studies
  • Chemical engineering, biomedical engineering option
  • Classical studies (replaced with Greek and Roman studies)
  • Classics (replaced with Greek and Roman studies)
  • Commerce, E-business
  • Commerce, Management Information Systems
  • Commerce, without option
  • Communication and philosophy
  • Film studies (replaced with world cinemas)
  • Geography and sociology
  • Latin and English studies
  • Physics, computational physics option
  • Teacher education – alternative format
  • Technological education

Changes to admission requirements

Faculty of Engineering

Changes to Faculty of Engineering admission requirements: Chemistry is no longer a prerequisite course for the software engineering program. Please encourage any interested students who didn’t complete the chemistry course to apply to this program!

Telfer School of Management

Students applying from high school who do not have the mathematics prerequisite can take the required course at the University of Ottawa either in the summer prior to their first session or during their first session.

Applicants currently in college or university must already have all prerequisites in order to be eligible for admission.

Differential tuition fee exemption

The differential tuition fee exemption reduces tuition fees for new international students to those paid by Canadian citizens and permanent residents as of the 2014-2015 school year (starting May 2014).

The exemption is applicable to international undergraduate students who choose to do most of their studies in French and who:

  • are admitted into a program offered in and
  • are registered as a full-time student and take a minimum of 9 credits (3 courses) taught in French per session.

New residence

The Friel Residence—suites and studios. City living, rez style! Built between 2001 and 2005, the Friel Residence is a newer residence with 405 beds that allows first-year students to experience downtown Ottawa with all the benefits of residence life.

Information for our future students

Preparing to apply to uOttawa

Visit our website for future undergraduate students where you’ll find everything students need to know about applying for undergraduate studies at the University of Ottawa. The site includes information on admission requirements, links to our programiks, application deadlines, information on scholarships and financial aid, event dates and details as well as our contact information.

Getting a head start on their studies

Find out about our Head Start program, which gives high achievers in grade 12 the opportunity to enroll in one or two courses at the University of Ottawa.

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Annual Guidance Counsellor Information Day

Every fall, the Liaison Office welcomes guidance counsellors on campus for the annual Guidance Counsellor Information Day. This event is a perfect opportunity to learn about what's new at the University of Ottawa, connect with other guidance counsellors and voice your opinions, comments or concerns.

Registration to this event is now closed. We hope to see you in 2015!

Liaison Office


Our liaison officers are available to answer any questions you may have about the University of Ottawa, and its programs and services. They also make visits to schools as well as attend a number of fairs across the country. You can meet some of our liaison officers at different events, such as Regional Dialogue (English), OSCA and AQISEP (Quebec).

Contact the Liaison Office
613-562-5800, Ext. 5779
1-877-uOttawa (1-877-868-8292), Ext. #5779



If you would like to receive printed copies of our publications, please contact the Liaison Office.
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